Our production system is designed to ensure the constant delivery of quality to the satisfaction of customers. Focus is placed on technological pursuit, implementation of state-of-the-art equipment, and though production management via a computer system and skilled employees. We are working to achieve vastly improved productivity by reducing time required for delivery, responding to the need for small-scale production of a wide variety of products and ensuring consistent standards of quality.

*Pulp dissolution Equipment
Pulp sheets are dissolved in water inside the pulper. At this plant there are four pulpers, with the work divided among the four machines.
*Pulp Refiner
The pulp solution (raw material) is passed though two metal blades (Double Disk Refiner) and the pulp fibers are made even finer.
*Pulp Cleaning Process
Impurities contained in the raw materials are separated and removed in a cleaner.
*Paper Formation
The pulp solution is blown against the wire, resulting in the formation of paper.
*Water Straining & Drying
The paper is passed between two rollers and water is removed via the pressure. It is next contacted with a metal drum called gYankee Dryerh and dried thoroughly inside and out.
The paper is precisely slit into the customerfs specified length and width.